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Download Asuma Shikamaru vs Hidan Kakuzu [Subtitle Indonesia]

4Sharing - video naruto

Akatsuki who have entered the territory of the State Fire makes Konoha become idle. Then Team Asuma assigned to catch and stop the Akatsuki. The plan has been successful ambush and wounded enemy. But what is known as Akatsuki members Hidan rise of deadly attacks that have been organized. Team Asuma fight with Akatsuki duo Zombi begins


Next Steps - Episode 76
[3GP] | [MP4]

   Bogin - Episode 77
[3GP] | [MP4]

  Judgment - Episode 78
[3GP] | [MP4]

  There was fear - Episode 79
[3GP] | [MP4]
Last Words - Episode 80
[3GP] | [MP4]

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 4Sharing - video naruto

4Sharing - video naruto 4Sharing - video naruto 
4Sharing - video naruto 4Sharing - video naruto

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